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Miss. firefighter credits seat belt in surviving fire engine rollover

Wiggins Firefighter Kaille Randolph credits her seat belt and PPE with saving her life

By Bill Carey

WIGGINS, Miss. — Wiggins Firefighter Kaille Randolph is speaking out after surviving a crash that left her pinned underneath her fire engine.

Randolph was injured when the fire engine she was in crashed while responding to a motor vehicle collision on May 18.

The Wiggins fire engine overturned while responding to an MVC

“Had I not taken the time to put my bunker pants on, then get in the truck, actually put my seat belt on, and go en route, I probably wouldn’t be here today,” Randolph told WLOX.

Randolph sustained three fractures in her right foot and three fractures in her left leg. She is expected to begin physical therapy and regain the ability to walk.

Randolph’s mother, Nikole Muffler, said hearing your child’s voice on the radio calling for help is something no parent should experience.

“It’s still hard to talk about,” Muffler said. “I wasn’t just called when it happened, I heard it over our fire radios.”

In addition to wearing her seat belt and safety gear, her survival was aided by her favorite engine, No. 8, which had a custom cab with rollover protection.

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