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Firefighters help rescue woman’s wedding dress from fire

Crews were able to recover her dress and diamond ring and the groom-to-be managed to avoid seeing the dress

Associated Press

WOBURN, Mass. — Firefighters helped save a woman’s wedding dress from a burning home in Massachusetts.

NBC Boston reports fire crews responded to the blaze at a Woburn building where Julie Centeno and her fiance Curtis Wilson lived Sunday evening.

Twenty-five-year-old Centeno says they were able to escape the home with just their coats. When firefighters asked if there was anything important still inside, Centeno says she mentioned her dress and her diamond ring.

Fire Chief Stephen Adgate says the crews were able to recover the items, and the groom-to-be managed to avoid seeing the dress. Three other people who lived in the building also evacuated safely.

Wilson’s mother says the wedding is scheduled for November 2018.