Off-duty Mass. EMT pulls man from burning car

He stopped to a help at a collision on a bridge and pulled a semi-conscious driver from the vehicle as he saw flames

BOSTON — An off-duty EMT on the way to a Christmas party stopped to help when he saw a collision on the Neponset Bridge, and pulled over to help.

“I was just coming over the top,” Cataldo EMT Ben Foley told “I was in the middle lane and a small black Jetta rear-ended a Ford Expedition.”

As he got closer, he noticed the Jetta was on fire, and the driver was drifting in and out of consciousness.

“I was like, come on man, you’ve got to get up,” he said. “We’ve got to get you out of here. Your car’s on fire. And by that point, the entire cabin of the car was filling with smoke.”

With the help of who he believes was the driver of the SUV, they pulled the man out and moved him away from the car in case it was about to explode. 

State police and EMS arrived on the scene to help.

Foley said he was happy he was there.

“I don’t think I saved his life, probably,” he said. “I don’t know.”

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