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NJ fire chief shuts down firehouse bars in wake of DUIs

Two volunteer firefighters have been arrested for alcohol-related offenses

RIVER EDGE, N.J. — A N.J. fire chief has ordered two firehouse bars to be shutdown after a volunteer was arrested for driving while intoxicated.

River Edge Fire Department Fire Chief John Mauthe made the decision after Firefighter Joseph Cerciello, 50, was arrested Oct. 16 for driving under the influence. Firefighter Cerciello clipped a car in a firehouse parking lot, according to the Record.

He reportedly couldn’t judge the proper distance between his car and another when he was backing up and caused the accident.

“Because the motor vehicle accident occurred on borough property, the fire chief ordered that the fire department cease serving alcoholic beverages in both of the fire companies,” Mayor Sandy Moscaritolo said.

Firefighter Cerciello is the second River Edge volunteer firefighter to be charged with DUI this year.

It is unclear if there will be any departmental action taken against Firefighter Cerciello.

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