Proposed program would help Chicago responders buy homes

The “public safety officer homebuyer assistance” program aims to improve safety in crime-plagued neighborhoods

By FireRescue1 Staff

CHICAGO — The mayor has proposed a program that would help up to 100 firefighters, paramedics and police officers purchase homes in specific neighborhoods.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s $3 million “public safety officer homebuyer assistance” program would be funded with the city’s Affordable Housing Fund to help first responders who buy homes in six police districts, reported the Chicago Sun-Times.

The chosen neighborhoods need both an economic boost, as well as increased public safety visibility.


“My goal on the housing initiative is to encourage those police, EMT and firefighters to live in our challenging neighborhoods,” Emanuel said. “One of the important things is to help stabilize the neighborhood with good, middle-class jobs.”

Emmanuel’s proposal comes as a county commissioner is considering a similar plan that give police officers homes, if they agree to live in the city for five years. 

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