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Fire Prevention Week prep: Plug-and-play messaging you can use today

Andrea Vastis from the NFPA offers simple fire prevention messages to help fire departments plan for the big event

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We’re not going to Stop, Drop and Roll over on our fire prevention messages; we’re going to embrace them with open arms to create simple but effective calls to action that can make a difference in your community. Helping us in this effort is Andrea Vastis, senior director for public education with the NFPA, which runs Fire Prevention Week™, coming up Oct. 8-14. This year’s FPW theme is “Cooking Safety Starts with YOU! Pay attention to fire prevention.™" We dig into all of this:

  • The top 3 cooking fire messages firefighters should know
  • Where to find plug-and-play resources to share with your community
  • How to flip negatives into positives when sharing life safety messaging

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