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Infographic: How the Internet of Everything in Public Safety and Justice improves fire data

How people, data, processes and things help public safety increase operational efficiency

This article is sponsored by Cisco.

The Internet of Everything (IoE) is a continuous interaction among people, processes, data, and things. Through this interconnection, IoE can provide firefighters and EMS with real-time information when responding to a fire or a patient.

IoE lets firefighters and EMS personnel become a mobile office, using tablets to pull up building floor plans or determine the best route to a traffic accident.

In addition, EMS can use IoE to support telemedicine and other applications that can save a patient’s life, while chiefs can use it to track emergency response assets en route or on scene through connected vehicle technologies.

Cisco is helping customers and strategic partners take advantage of the potential of IoE to achieve radical results across all sectors and industries.

To learn more, download the Cisco Public Safety, Justice, and the Internet of Everything white paper or the Internet of Everything in Public Safety and Justice infographic.