Houston fire truck hit while blocking highway

The driver of the pick-up truck was taken into custody; police found narcotics and weapons inside his car

By Brooke A. Lewis
Houston Chronicle 

HOUSTON — A driver slammed into a Houston fire truck that was on the scene of a three-car crash Saturday morning, causing the North Freeway to be shut down for a few hours, officials said.

The incident started around 3:30 a.m., when a drunk driver hit the back end of another car traveling northbound on Interstate 45 North Freeway, eventually causing both cars to strike another vehicle and hit the inside of a concrete guard wall, authorities said. 

While Houston firefighters and police were working the crash scene, a man driving a pick-up truck also slammed into a Houston fire truck that was blocking lanes of traffic. 

The driver of the pick-up truck was taken into custody because police found narcotics and weapons inside his car. He was also taken downtown to be tested for drunk driving. 

The driver who caused the initial three-car wreck was arrested for driving while intoxicated. 

The northbound lanes of the freeway were shut down for about three hours, officials said. 


Just after 3am Houston Fire crews responded to a 3 vehicle crash with rollover on I-45 northbound over Mt. Houston. Engine 84 parked south of the scene several hundred yards, across two lanes with lights activated. Another engine was a bit closer tot he crash doing the same. As Houston Police were finishing the crash and wreckers were preparing to load Engine 84's crew went back to their truck and wait to be given the all clear to open the lanes. All at once the truck shook. A male driving a pickup truck slammed into the rear of the $300,000 2015 Spartan Fire Truck. The driver was not injured but was impaired and arrested,. Inside the truck officers found a pistol, drugs and other contraband. If it had not been for the firetrucks blocking the lanes, cl;ose to a dozen officers and wrecker drivers could have been killed or seriously injured by the impaired driver. In the pickup of the impaired driver police found some drugs, marijuana and a firearm. With this crash the freeway was closed down. The fire truck was not drivable. Apple Heavy Duty towng on the scene the fire truck had to be taken back to the station and all the equipment. They then need to make a trip to the Houston Fire Dart Street lot to find a reserve fire truck to use several moths until theirs is repaired. With most of the reserves on the streets, and most without air conditioning it will be a tuff summer. With Houston Fire getting old and breaking down on a daily basis other measures are being sought. Just last week a Kingwood truck had to be moved to FM 1960 while the Kingwood crew was forced to respond to calls in an SUV. This same thing happened several weeks ago with station 61 on the south side of Houston.

Posted by Montgomery County Police Reporter on Saturday, August 5, 2017


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