EMS crews save firefighters, residents from CO exposure

Luckily, EMS arrived behind firefighters to a call for difficulty breathing and evacuated the building when their carbon monoxide monitors went off

NEW YORK — EMS crews that responded to a cardiac arrest call behind firefighters averted a disaster after their carbon monoxide meters went off.

Firefighters were first on the scene, and walked into a building full off the odorless, colorless gas, NY Daily News reports. 

It wasn’t until EMS arrived and their meters went off that responders became aware of the danger.

About 10 residents and firefighters were evacuated from the Bronx building. Four people, including the initial patient who called 911 for difficulty breathing, were transported to a hospital and treated for minor injuries related to the exposure.

Initial readings showed a level of 600 parts per million of carbon monoxide, which can be deadly after three hours of exposure.

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