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Future of Rescue: Finale Part 4 of 4

In 1985 Paratech created the first rescue air chisel, designed specifically to work off a portable air bottle and use the absolute minimum amount of air. 2006, Paratech released the SMT, an all in one equipment storage and mobile deployment vehicle that can be towed directly to a rescue site. In 2013, based off feedback from rescuers in the field, Paratech looked to combine the lifting capabilities of a hydraulic ram with the stabilization strengths of the Longshore strut to create the Hydrafusion lifting strut. Building on Paratech’s experience in shoring, in 2014 Paratech released the Damage Control System, the only mechanical shoring system designed from the start to work in the punishing maritime environment. Come see how Paratech continues to innovate to make rescue safer, faster, and stronger. Register now to learn how Paratech is changing rescue again! Visit the Paratech on the web.