How to buy protective hoods (eBook)

Download this FireRescue1 protective hoods buying guide to learn key steps for product selection, purchasing and implementation

We now know that potentially carcinogen-carrying soot and other particles can collect in significant quantities in the head, face and neck areas. As we learn more about the skin absorption risk that firefighters face during interior structural firefighting, more and more fire departments are looking to protective hoods to provide enhanced protection for their members - and hood manufacturers are rising to the occasion. 

The FireRescue1 How-to-Buy Guide for hoods serves as a starting point for department personnel charged with researching, purchasing and implementing this key component of the protective ensemble. Use it to help your department make the most effective and efficient selection of the firefighter protective hood. Included in this guide: 

  • Key considerations before buying
  • Questions to ask vendors
  • Company directory

To download your free copy of "How to Buy Protective Hoods" Buying Guide from FireRescue1, fill out this form. 

To download your free copy of "How to buy protective hoods (eBook)" Buying Guide from FireRescue1, fill out this form.

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