Fire dept. wants ballistic vests after hostage situation

The department's safety director said he doesn't know how the city can afford not to protect its first responders

LANCASTER, Ohio — When a Lancaster medic races to a crime scene, theys are 'unprotected.' Lancaster Safety Director, Brian Kuhn, says it's time for a change. 

"Because they're risking their lives to protect the lives of strangers," said Kuhn. Kuhn says the firefighter's union has never asked the city for ballistic vests, but he argues first responders deserve protection. 

"Who's to say that's something that has to be negotiated? It's like, do the right thing," said Kuhn. The need to protect firefighters was evident near Cleveland this week when two firefighters trying to put out a brush fire were held hostage at gunpoint for hours.

Full story: Push To Protect Lancaster First Responders With Bulletproof Vests

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