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Trending Topics: Should firefighters wear ballistic vests?

Recent attacks have raised concerns about how to keep first responders safer while on scene

It seems like there have been a lot of recent articles about firefighters and paramedics asking for ballistic vests in light of recent first responder attacks.

The latest push for vests resurfaces some of the challenges surrounding their adoption such as cost, weight and mobility restriction and interface with other protective clothing. It also leads to the deeper question of are vests the right option — do they provide too little protection to firefighters and medics or are they a knee-jerk reaction to isolated incidents and not worth the cost?

In this Trending Topics, we look at instances where crews were held hostage at gunpoint for several hours, stabbed in Detroit and San Diego during medical calls and issued vests during the Ferguson riots.

Do you think ballistic vests should be the next PPE for firefighters?

Check out the articles and add your thoughts below.

Fire dept. wants ballistic vests after hostage situation

The department’s safety director said he doesn’t know how the city can afford not to protect its first responders.

Fire dept. pushes to add body armor to equipment

Recent stabbings of two EMTs in Detroit and two firefighters in San Diego have raised concerns about how to keep responders safe on scene.

Calif. firefighters add bulletproof vests to gear

The vests are an added measure of safety for firefighters who are asked to put themselves in harm’s way.

Cleveland firefighters renew call for bulletproof vests

Official: “I want to make sure that our first responders have all the equipment that’s necessary to keep them safe.”

Ferguson EMS issued bulletproof vests

EMS Chief Chris Cebollero discusses keeping his medics safe, EMS team cohesion and interoperability issues.

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