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LION launches latest advancements in PPE

Showcase of new products designed to meet the needs of first responders


DAYTON, Ohio — LION is revolutionizing its product line with the introduction of groundbreaking advancements in protective gear, setting new benchmarks in safety, comfort and performance for frontline heroes.

As a leader in the industry, LION’s range of products is tailored specifically for firefighting and emergency response professionals.

The V-Force USA boot, meticulously made in the USA, stands as the ultimate in protective footwear for first responders. These boots are engineered for outstanding mobility, comfort, and dependable protection, ideal for first responders. Featuring the GORE-TEX CROSSTECH® MS Sapphire XT ePE moisture barrier, which is free from intentionally added per-and polyfluorinated substances, the boots offer superior breathability and waterproof protection, meeting the rigorous needs of first responders.

The American Honor helmet exemplifies LION’s dedication to blending classic protection with contemporary aesthetics. This helmet features a modern, low-profile, and lightweight design, enabling firefighters to perform efficiently without compromising safety or comfort. It embodies the essence of American bravery and honor.

The RedZone Nomex Nano Flex Particulate Blocking Hood is crafted for those who seek thorough protection without settling for less. This hood features a single-layer trilaminate (3-ply) design free from intentionally added per- or polyfluorinated substances and includes an extended bib for added coverage. It provides unmatched breathability and heat resistance. The innovative material offers exceptional safety from hazardous particulates, ensuring that first responders remain protected and comfortable even in the most demanding situations.

The HeroGuard NFPA-certified uniforms represent a major breakthrough in protective apparel for first responders. Designed with improved fit and functionality in mind, these uniforms are engineered to endure the demands of the job while providing top-tier protection against diverse hazards. This innovative gear underscores LION’s commitment to the safety and performance of emergency service professionals.

About LION
Founded in 1898 and headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, LION is a family-owned company with a legacy and ongoing vision of introducing new products and services designed to ensure the health, safety and performance of first responders worldwide. From game-changing personal protective equipment (PPE) and Uniforms to professional gear maintenance to state-of-the-art fire safety training tools and facilities, it is LION’s mission to make sure that first responders are READY FOR ACTION. To learn more, visit