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New Holmatro Backpack Pump

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Holmatro presents its new Backpack Pump: a small, lightweight, battery-driven pump, equipped with a CORE connector. The compact GBP10EVO3 pump gives you optimum flexibility to work with Holmatro’s CORE tools. The Backpack Pump is powered by the well-known and proven EVO3 technology, using the same battery that is used for all other EVO3 tools.

Extremely lightweight

The pump and its battery are contained in a practical backpack that is easy to carry by one person. With the new Backpack Pump you can quickly reach even the most inaccessible accident locations.

Oil content

The effective oil content of the pump is 14,4 oz. This is large enough to be used in combination with all Holmatro CORE tools, except the larger (telescopic) rams.

Emission-free and suitable for harsh environments

The Backpack Pump is emission free and safe to use in confined spaces like tunnels, trains and collapsed buildings. Thanks to its IP 54 rating the new Backpack Pump is protected against dust and all weather conditions. More information on