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Akron master stream monitor

The new monitor can be operated by remote control on the truck or on the ground

Ask any fire service leader what the most important area of concern is in the present day and most will tell you saving money and manpower. The mantra of doing more with less is the norm all over the country whether it is a paid or volunteer service.

It seems that many fire service industry manufacturers have taken notice and are designing products with that in mind. Akron Brass is no stranger to designing new products to meet the needs of the modern day fire service.

Akron recently introduced its Apollo PE monitor to provide a fireground commander another means of operating a master stream with limited manpower remotely. The monitor was designed to operate on an apparatus or as a portable monitor without needing a firefighter to manually operate it.

The remote-control head can be operated by a single firefighter who can set the operation and oscillating control to whatever pattern is needed and leave it to operate by itself.

This master-stream features an integrated control system that uses fully sealed electrical connectors and built-in wireless control with programmable oscillation. The quick-change battery system provides extended run times and is compatible with 12- or 24-volt systems.

When mounted on the truck, the Apollo PE provides 1,250 gpm with 355 degrees of horizontal travel. When used on a standard Apollo ground base, the Apollo PE provides 1,000 gpm with 180 degrees of horizontal range.

You can spec the new master stream device and have your new engine or truck come with it pre-installed from the factory or use it as an add on device after you take delivery.

Additional specs for the unit include:

  • 30/60/95/125/150 selectable gallon settings
  • Integrate an exclusive slide style valve for turbulence-free performance even when gated
  • Inlet debris screen to prevent stream pattern disruption
  • Bonded front rubber bumper
  • Standard five-year warranty
  • Durable polymer handle developed for the harshest fire ground operations
  • Flush without shutdown
  • Unique slide valve design — total firefighter flow control and outstanding stream quality, even with the nozzle valve gated and the flow reduced