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Fire-Rescue International 2015

FR1 was in Atlanta reporting from Fire-Rescue International 2015 with the latest news, products and tips from the educational sessions.

The zip-out outer shell may be the most eye-catching feature of this turnout gear system, but it is not the only one
Properly allocating fire department resources means understanding the community’s need, and that means understanding the data
The belt can be used for downed firefighter carries, no-rope bailout, lowering and as a ladder strap
The science is clear on the benefits of cooling a fire from the outside before going interior, now it’s a matter of putting it into practice
Dan Eggleston, the IAFC Fire Chief of the Year, proves that clear direction and mentorship can build a strong combination department
Dr. Charles Addington II, the IAFC Volunteer Chief of the Year, discusses the importance of making decisions and setting a vision for others
The portable monitor can be pointed in virtually every direction
Creating and operating a successful regional team rests on communication and trust
Learn how to train firefighters using adult-learning principals and a tiered system driven by mastered skills
Epic 3 Radio Interface Voice Communication System allows communications between on-scene firefighters and incident commanders, remote dispatchers and other radio users
Reputation-management expert will explore strategies on how to address and prevent bad firefighter behavior from entering your firehouse