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FRI 2023: Product demonstrations, innovations from the exhibit hall floor

More than 300 vendors made their way to the Kansas City Convention Center to showcase the latest and greatest fire service products

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Photo/Janelle Foskett

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — For the first time since 2002, firefighters, exhibitors and sponsors converged on Kansas City for Fire-Rescue International 2023.

More than 300 booths were organized on the exhibit hall floor at the Kansas City Convention Center, where representatives showcased the latest in fire and EMS technology and innovation.

Check out our round-up of products from the exhibit floor, and share what solutions you were able to find to solve concerns back home. Do you have a favorite product you discovered while at the show? Send us your feedback!

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A demonstration of the AeroClave RDS 3110 at Fire-Rescue International 2023.

Photo/Janelle Foskett

Aeroclave decontamination technology: RDS 3110

Disinfect rooms, vehicles and equipment with AeroClave’s RDS 3110, which uses an EPA-approved, hospital-grade disinfectant to decontaminate at the push of a button.

The RDS 3110 can be utilized in three different ways:

  • Facility fogging
  • Hand application
  • Port technology

Additional specs:

  • 48 pounds
  • Self-contained
  • No set-up
  • Environmentally friendly

Learn more about the RDS 3110 and other AeroClave products here.

Handy Hook

Designed and patented by Sedgwick County (Kansas) Fire Department Firefighter Nathan Helten, the Handy Hook allows firefighters the ability to keep their gloves safely attached to their gear, as well as a hands-free option for donning the gloves.

The Handy Hook is designed to:

  • Securely stow and don gloves
  • Streamline and expedite the process of exiting the bunk area during emergencies
  • Cater to the demands of fire operations

To learn more about the Handy Hook, visit


Photo/Tablet Command

tablet command’s incident command tools

With the simplicity of a whiteboard, Tablet Command provides real-time data and resource management in an intuitive application platform.

Designed and co-founded by firefighters Wiliam Pigeon and Andy Bozzo, Tablet Command supports fire chiefs by reducing risk and stress through improved situational awareness. With access to better information, leadership can feel confident in their decisions and the safety of their units.

Learn more about Tablet Command in this 90-second overview.

North American Rescue’s Tommanikin Simulator

The TOMManikin from North American Rescue is a wireless medical trauma simulator designed to provide realistic training scenarios for EMS and fire personnel related to Tactical Combat Casualty Care. The devices provide:

  • All-in-one hyper-realistic trauma simulations
  • Multiple interchangeable extremities
  • Solid metal bones and joints
  • Silicon skins available in light, medium or dark skin tones
NARS manikin.png

North American Rescue TOMManikin.

Photo/Rachel Engel

The TOMManikin offers four clinical intervention focus areas for first responders to train on:

1. Massive hemorrhage

  • Tourniquet application (proximal, junctional and abdominal)
  • Active bleeding control through direct pressure on pressure points, including wound packing

2. Advanced airway

  • Nasopharyngeal/oral/supraglottic airway insertion
  • Endotracheal intubation
  • Surgical airway and tissue dissection with realistic bleeding

3. Respirations

  • Chest seal application
  • Bilateral needle decompression
  • Chest tube capable

4. Circulation

  • CPR chest compressions
  • Antecubital IV access on uninjured upper limbs
  • IO (sternal & humeral)

Visit the North American Rescue website for more information about TOMManikin and other products.

AEMC Instruments Static Ground Test System Kit

The Static Ground Test System Kit was designed to improve safety at hazmat scenes for first responders by providing a comprehensive, all-in-one system to test for static electricity.

The kit from AEMC Instruments complies with recommendations in NFPA 472 and assist with grounding and testing prior to hazardous material transfer.


AEMS Instruments Static Ground Test System Kit.

Photo/AEMC Instruments

The Static Ground Test System Kit includes:

For the Meter:

  • 2 150-foot color-coded leads on spools (red/blue)
  • 1 30-foot lead (green)
  • 2 14.5” T-shaped auxiliary ground electrodes
  • One calibration checker
  • Batteries
  • User manual

Additional accessories:

  • 6 threaded copper-clad 3-foot ground rods
  • 4 ground rod couplers
  • 1 50-foot bonding cable with REB clamps
  • 3 50-foot grounding cables, with an REB clamp on one end and Mueller clip on other end
  • 6 10-foot ground rod jumper cables with Mueller clips on both ends
  • 1 ground rod driver/extractor tool
  • Waterproof utility carrying case with wheels and handle

Learn more about the Static Ground System Test Kit at

For additional news and highlights from the show, visit FireRescue1’s FRI 2023 resource page.

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