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Calif. fire engine crashes into house after multi-vehicle collision

Six people were injured, one critically, when a collision sent a Stockton fire engine into a house

By Bill Carey

STOCKTON, Calif. — A multi-vehicle accident involving a Stockton fire engine led to one person being critically injured and five others sustaining minor injuries.

According to the Stockton Police Department, a sedan heading east on Alpine Avenue collided with a fire engine on April 17. The fire engine was responding to a fire call with its lights and sirens activated at the time of the incident, ABC10 reported.

The impact from the initial collision sent the fire engine across the median and into a pickup truck, causing the truck to overturn. The engine ultimately came to a stop inside the house.

“After that collision, the firefighters did get out and start assessing the scene and providing that necessary first responding attention to everyone involved,” Stockton Police Department spokesperson David Scott said.

The truck driver was hospitalized in critical condition, while the sedan driver sustained non-critical injuries, police said. Four firefighters involved in the crash were treated for minor injuries at a hospital.

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