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Photos: Ohio firefighters rescue deer in dumpster sludge

Campbell firefighters were called out for a deer stuck in a dumpster at the waste water treatment plant


Campbell Fire Fighters Local 2998/Facebook

By Brendan Rascius
The Charlotte Observer

CAMPBELL, Ohio — Firefighters heard a deer was stuck in a dumpster in Ohio and rushed to assist, officials said.

Upon arriving at a wastewater treatment plant, they were surprised to find the creature not only stuck in a dumpster but also submerged neck-deep in thick sludge, according to a May 22 news release from Campbell Fire Fighters Local 2998.

The deer’s head, back and white tail can be seen protruding from the muck in a photo posted by the fire department.

Firefighters used shovels and hoes to remove some of the sludge surrounding the animal before opening the dumpster door.

Another photo shows the deer lying outside the dumpster in a pile of black sludge.

“We were able to move the deer over into the woods where she can hopefully take a break and recover from all the work she did trying to get out,” firefighters said.

Campbell is about 80 miles southeast of Cleveland.

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