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Nick Martin: ‘When the bell rings, it’s game time’

The Salisbury (N.C.) division chief shares the origins of his training focus, his personal evolution on the job, and what it means to be “combat ready”

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Digging into all things training, culture and motivation, this week’s show features Nick Martin, division chief with the City of Salisbury (N.C.) Fire Department and founder and president of Combat Ready Fire Training. The team gets into all of this:

  • What it means to be combat-ready for the job;
  • The difference between aggressive and reckless fire attack;
  • Stories of Martin’s personal evolution on the job and the standard to which he now holds himself;
  • Vetting trainers in a world when anyone can have their own social media channel; and
  • The power of sharing the “why” with new members.
  • Don’t miss: Martin’s take on the “bashing” that occurs online among firefighters.
  • Episode power quote: “One thing I’ve learned about culture is you attract what you advertise. If you advertise that you’re the fire department where you can sit in a recliner and get paid, then that’s exactly who’s going to come work for you.”
  • Hot seat sneak peek: His personal favorite drill.

Stuff we mentioned on the show:

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