7 knots you need to learn for NFPA 1001 skill sheet

Video tutorials are a great way to learn the knots for NFPA 1001 skill set

NFPA 1001: Standard for Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications requires firefighters to tie each of these seven knots: bowline knot, clove hitch, figure of eight on a bight, half hitch, becket/sheet bend, overhand safety knot and water knot, while operating on a simulated fireground. Candidates are given appropriate and adequate rope to complete the task. 

Refer to the following videos for a tutorial on how to tie each of the knots.

1. How to tie a bowline knot

2. How to tie the clove hitch knot

3. How to for the figure eight on a bight

4. How to tie a half hitch

5. How to form the becket or sheet bend

6. How to tie the overhand safety knot

7. How to tie a water knot

Learn more about NFPA codes and standards here. 

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This article, originally published in 2017, has been updated.

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