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On-demand webinar: Basement fires: Tactical options for the threat below

Watch this webinar to learn how to be prepared to face this challenging and dangerous event


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Basement fires continue to be one of the most dangerous calls facing firefighters. Often unaware of the origin of the fire and the building’s structural compromise, firefighters head interior to search for victims or quell flames, only to find themselves in a highly dangerous situation that often leads to a mayday call – or worse.

In this FireRescue1 webinar, Battalion Chief Jake Barnes and Captain Gil Pedroza – who speak and train regularly on basement fire tactics – will offer critical tactical tools for basement fires. In addition to addressing real-world basement fire incidents, Barnes and Pedroza will detail how to identify a basement fire, the different types of basement fires, the impact of building construction and fire dynamics, plus fire attack options.


“Great tactical ideas for all departments.”

“The issues that were brought up were things I could identify with from experience, and helped me gain insights I was never afforded before.”

“The material was presented in a clear and concise way.”

“Experienced instructors talking in firefighting language using good visuals.”

“I liked the fire behavior and updated flow path imagery and video; it explained it very well.”



Gilbert Pedroza is a fire captain with the Glendale (California) Fire Department, where he has served the last 17 years of his 25 years in the fire service. Captain Pedroza is also a licensed paramedic and a hazmat specialist. He is a California state-certified instructor and has taught at local college fire academies throughout the state. Captain Pedroza also teaches for the International Society of Fire Service Instructors, where he teaches the Live Fire Instructor credentialing program as well as the Understanding and Fighting Basement Fires course.


Jake Barnes’ career started in the U.S. Air Force, where he served for five years as a fire protection specialist. Since leaving the military, Barnes worked as a firefighter in Lexington, Kentucky, for eight years and in New Albany, Indiana, for 18 years, where he currently serves as Battalion Chief of Training. Barnes is an instructor for the International Society of Fire Service Instructors, teaching NFPA 1403, Fixed Facility, Basement Fire, and Training Officer Credential classes, and serves as the host of 3 Point Firefighter, a podcast focused on pride, training and physical fitness.