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On-demand webinar: Firefighter health: Building a fire department culture that supports station-level wellness

How fire service leaders can help their members build a resilient mind, employ functional fitness, and access useful nutrition and sleep resources

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Firefighters’ mental and physical health has been challenged at new levels over the past two years. From the limited physical activities outside of work to the mental toll of constantly updating policies at work, plus the heightened stress in nearly all corners of life, firefighters faced many barriers to achieving a whole-body health focus. While individual effort is essential to focusing on health-minded priorities, it is also essential that fire departments set their members up for success – and this begins with building a health-focused culture. This webinar will detail simple steps that fire department leaders, company officers and motivated members can employ to support firefighters’ head-to-toe health: building a resilient mind to cope with stress; developing a functional movement plan that’s response-ready; and providing resources related to smart food choices and improved sleep habits.



Ian Emmons is the deputy chief of operations for Washington Township in Dayton, Ohio, and has served in this role since early 2019. Emmons received his MBA from the University of Cincinnati and is a current EFOP student at the National Fire Academy. Ian sits on the Board of Directors for the Safety, Health and Survivial section of the IAFC, is an IAFC Professional Development Committee member, serves as the Education Committee Chair for IFE-USA, and sits on multiple NFPA technical committees, including 1001 and 1021. Emmons has been designated as a CFO and CTO through the CPC and received his MIFireE status from the IFE.