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It is crucial that firefighters maintain their physical fitness as part of their job. The FireRescue1 fitness topic encompasses everything from exercise safety, to Aaron Zamzow’s fitness column for tips on how to make your training work for you, to a video from Gordon Graham on the importance of getting regular physicals. In addition, we also include content that details nutrition and health considerations, and how the focus on firefighter fitness has evolved over the years.

As “tactical athletes,” responders should focus on whole-body fitness to enhance their job performance
The wildly popular sport is a great workout for firefighters and EMS professionals
Alexander Griffin died during a run pursuing his dream of becoming a firefighter like his brother
“Our ultimate goal is the safety of the employees,” Decatur Fire Chief Tracy Thornton said about the new, job-related testing
The Irving Police Department and Irving Fire Department combined forces to offer EMDR therapy, an employee health clinic, wellness incentives and much more
While the fire service has made huge strides in recognizing the importance of member wellness, every fire department across the country has room to improve
The $30,000 AFG funds will be used to train New London firefighters and make fitness instruction better suited to firefighters’ schedules
Despite progress to reduce fatalities, the rate of firefighter deaths due to cardiovascular events has remained unchanged
A mandatory, non-punitive annual fitness assessment is essential for improving the health, fitness and quality of life of first responders across the occupational life span and into retirement
Common factors departments are using to approach wellness programs
Lower body injuries, such as knee pain and lower back pain, are found present to a high degree among firefighters
A two-year grant partnership has allowed the Anchorage FD to create a resilience program that’s already helping its members
Are you ready to take the plunge? Learn how ice bath therapy can benefit firefighters in their everyday lives as well as on duty
The chief details the biggest firefighter health and wellness risks and offers simple ways to build accountability
First responders are not immune from the opioid crisis; here’s what to know