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FRI 2016

Here’s your complete coverage of the 2016 International Association of Fire Chief’s Fire-Rescue International conference and exhibit held Aug. 17-20. Visit this page for updated show and vendor coverage. And if you are attending, visit Fire Chief and FireRescue1 at booth 24113 and pick up some cool swag.

The product brings long-overdue incident command dashboard to fire industry
In order for fire service leaders to see the future, they have to clearly see the present
The engine includes air-handling systems and engine braking improvements
Two rescue teams took home a prestigious award while two fire service leaders bid farewell
Chiefs from Ariz. and Mo. received international awards at the Fire-Rescue International Convention
There are concrete steps fire officers can take to prevent, recognize and respond to firefighter mental health problems
Relationship building, understanding motives and creative thinking are some of the keys to victory
The light comes with a 30-inch extension pole and can run off rechargeable batteries or DC power
Each customizable workstation provides a space for tools to be stored and recharged
The high-tech, durable unit is designed for maneuverability and aids communication on scene
The latest model of the turnout gear offers improved fit and increased range of motion
The spreaders include removal tips and shark-like teeth to grip material
The hood includes a mask mate face opening that fit the shape of SCBA masks
The trailer has a generator, back up battery power and can fill 5.5 cylinders at once
The dryer uses invertible steel stickmen and boot trees to dry items and boots