Managing ‘OK boomer’ at the fire station

A training-focused approach to putting generational conflicts aside – and learning from each other

What do you think about the OK boomer trend? Has it generated generational problems within your firehouses? Has it prompted increased discussion and learning opportunities across generations? Share your thoughts in the comments below or connect with us at

If you pay attention to pop culture and social media trends, it’s hard to escape one of the newest viral sensations – the “OK boomer” memes, videos and hashtags.

OK boomer has become a rallying cry for Generation Z, a verbal eye roll to the baby boomers bemoaning younger generations. The meme has gained so much traction that a headline from The New York Times declared the movement as marking “the end of friendly generational relations.”

But what’s really going on here?

It seems that both sides are using "OK boomer" to push their own narrative. While the younger generation is using the meme to strike back at older generations for not giving them the credit and respect they feel they deserve, the boomers see the meme as disrespectful and evidence of age discrimination.

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