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Firefighters jumped from the second floor after the patient pointed a loaded firearm at them
Most of the first Monterey Park firefighters on the scene of the Star Ballroom Dance Studio shooting had less than five years on the job
When an incident turns violent, firefighters should be familiar with the process for removing members from the scene
Everyone must be comfortable speaking up, no matter their rank or years on the job
The fireground can be a dangerous place for a number of reasons and firearm discharges are one of them
Police say at least four people were shot in an “active shooter situation” on campus; the area was under a shelter-in-place order for several hours
Captain Arnoldo Sandoval filed a lawsuit over the 2021 firehouse shooting when Firefighter Jonathan Tatone killed Fire Engineer Tory Carlon and wounded Sandoval
The Clermont County Sheriff’s Office confirmed there is no longer an active threat to the community
The “bleeding control stations” would contain tourniquets, among other life-saving items, and include instructions on preventing blood loss
Train your communities to identify, call out and respond to active threats
Louisville Officer Nickolas Wilt was on the job for just 10 days when he was critically wounded by the active shooter at Old National Bank
The 89-year-old Kirtland man has been arrested and is expected to be charged with arson
The science of active shooter response is relatively new; is there a better model?
The panelists answer attendee questions related to NFPA 3000, PPE, grants, armed firefighters, RTFs, working with law enforcement, and more
Rookie Louisville Metro Police Officer Nickolas Wilt was in critical but stable condition following emergency brain surgery
Firefighters at Roseville Fire Department Station 5 heard gunfire and brought a wounded highway patrol officer into the station
Stephen Tyger Francis Roch reportedly told the firefighter he would need to “take him out” and said he had an AR-15
The two told Santa Fe County sheriff’s deputies they heard gunshots, saw a man chasing them as they fled and saw what looked like a bullet hit the ground nearby
Monterey Park Fire Chief Matthew Hallock said grief counselors and peer support have helped along with the knowledge that lives were saved
Stockton Fire Captain Vidal “Max” Fortuna had been responding to a dumpster fire last year
A man with a gunshot wound was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital
“Our guys felt like they didn’t exist,” said Chief Matt Hallock. “I have several paramedics who aren’t back to work, and I don’t know if they will come back”
Four people were killed at a mushroom farm and three at a trucking business on the outskirts of Half Moon Bay
The suspect was found to possess 20 guns and 4 grams of meth and had been considering stealing the fire truck and ambulance, Rochester police said
Public Safety Director Lee Schmidt said crewmembers will support EMS and police while gaining trauma experience that may help in an MCI
Rowan County EMS treated the three wounded first responders on site
Palestine FD members provided aid immediately, and the firefighter was transported to a medical center in stable condition, the police chief said
Chesapeake police believe “less than 10" people have died, after officers sent rescue and tactical teams inside to render aid