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A wellness check in Citrus County turned violent when a Floral City man opened fire on first responders
Leaders must ensure that the necessary counseling and recovery resources are available for their responders
Glynn County police found Glynn County Firefighter Todd R. Thompson Jr. suffering from a gunshot wound
Police say at least four people were shot in an “active shooter situation” on campus; the area was under a shelter-in-place order for several hours
A domestic disturbance in Forsyth County escalated into shots fired and a set fire
Birmingham firefighter Jamal Jones went home with a surprise promotion
Kansas City firefighter Anthony Santi was fatally shot with a handgun purchased and modified by a convicted felon
Birmingham Firefighter Jordan Melton was remembered as a great up-and-coming firefighter with a big personality
Birmingham Firefighter Jordan Melton was one of two firefighters shot while inside their firehouse on July 12
A driver yelled for the ambulance to get out of his way, then fired several shots
Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service Firefighter Jordan Melton was one of two FFs shot five days ago
Birmingham police believe the gunman who shot two firefighters may have had a conflict with one of them
Elderly Sheridan man killed an apartment manager, wounded a worker before setting fire to his unit
Birmingham FFs Jones and Meltion are in serious and critical condition after being shot inside their firehouse
Dwain Williams had more than two decades with the Chicago Fire Department after joining in 1992