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Tactical Medic

Emergency services organizations are struggling to meet the escalating needs for medical supplies, equipment and vehicles
More than 300 vendors made their way to the Kansas City Convention Center to showcase the latest and greatest fire service products
Go/no-go decisions are often the toughest for ICs managing expanding incident types
The science of active shooter response is relatively new; is there a better model?
The kits are part of the city’s new Safe Chicago program, and are equipped with a tourniquet, gauze, shears, gloves and an instruction manual
The man was clinging to the side of the cliff “like a cat” as rescuers quickly formulated a plan to save him
We have all seen the videos of street medics tending to civil unrest injuries, but do they have any legal protection, recognition or certified skills?
It’s not always the big incidents that cause safety problems for fire service personnel
A woman rushed the 12-week-old puppy to the fire station where medics administered naloxone using a pediatric nebulizer mask
Green, Ohio, tactical paramedics are now permitted to carry handguns when called out to assist the sheriff’s SWAT following a change in state law
The fire department is seeking permission from city council to arm paramedics who assist the SWAT team
The tapes depict stranded riders crying, pleading for help for people with health conditions and in one case a man who had passed out, all when the gondolas broke down Oct. 5
The new protective gear, funded by a $34,000 state EMS grant, is specifically designed for members to respond to an active attacker situation
Jim Morrissey, a tactical paramedic and terrorism preparedness coordinator in California, joins the show to discuss interagency cooperation under extreme circumstances
Great active shooter incident training takes a concerted effort to make exercises real, relevant, interesting and captivating for all participants