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Dr. Glenn Landry: Firefighters can ‘shock the system’ back to a healthy sleep routine

The sleep expert details three factors to manage within the shift work system to maintain proper day/night sleep signals

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If we do our job today, we’re going to help you get some much-needed sleep – hopefully after the show. Joining Better Every Shift this week is Dr. Glenn Landry, a sleep expert who specializes in shift work, detailing how firefighters can work at night without shifting circadian rhythms and disrupting critical sleep functions.

We dig into all this:

  • Tips for preparing the body for sleep
  • How sleep “washes the brain”
  • Misconceptions related to the body’s ability to adapt to less sleep
  • Why we aren’t who we think we are when we’re sleep-deprived
  • The impact of sleep deprivation on fireground decision-making
  • Landry’s “Surviving Shift Work” curriculum – “Netflix for sleep health”

Landry explains that sleep deprivation, at its core, is accelerating the aging process and borrowing from the health of your retirement years, which is why we must prioritize sleep as the foundation of health and wellness, now.

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