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Digital Edition: Your Mayday Survival Guide

Download your copy of the Guide, featuring a BC’s mayday experience, mayday training resources, and guidance for running command at a mayday event

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A mayday is the critical moment where the incident can go one of two ways – rescue or tragedy.

Key to avoiding tragic outcomes is mayday training, particularly for newer members with less muscle memory aligned with real-world fireground emergencies. But even seasoned firefighters can find themselves paralyzed with panic, unsure how to proceed.

This special edition covers key components of mayday events:

  • Battalion Chief Steve Conn writes, “‘Mayday! I’m trapped in the basement’: Lessons from my personal mayday experience”;
  • Senior Captain Chris DelBello offers, “RIT training: Focus on simplicity and speed over complexity and gadgets”;
  • Battalion Chief Vince Bettinazzi shares, “Learn to command a mayday event”; and
  • Robert Avsec details, “The portable radio: A firefighter’s other mayday lifeline.”

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How will these resources help you?

  • Firefighters, you’ll want to read the real-life experience from a fellow firefighter who found himself in a basement, panicked and relying on instinct to exit the situation.
  • Company officers, surviving a mayday starts with training – and that starts with you. Follow a step-by-step approach to RIT and mayday training to ensure your members develop the muscle memory to navigate one of these challenging events.
  • Chief officers, running command at a mayday event is extremely stressful – and emotional. Learn how to stay focused amid the noise and how to train your company officers to do the same.

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