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The fire department is investigating to see if the crew of Engine 1 violated policy by not responding to a crash two blocks away
The Office of Inspector General investigation discovered $8.5M misspent in bonuses, parties, personal expenses in Jefferson Parish
Two paramedics and two EMTs were allegedly drunk during a retirement party at their Bronx station
Ware County Firefighter Luke Zimmerman faces several charges including first-degree vehicular homicide
Dearborn Fire Chief Joseph Murray had been placed on leave following his arrest in August
An investigation into a complaint in the Casper Fire-EMS Department led to a greater review of sexual harassment, workplace hostility policies
An internal investigation found that Kansas City Firefighter Brenda Paikowski was “more likely than not” subjected to three years of harassment in violation of city policies
Ambulance 3 was the closest EMS unit to a woman experiencing chest pain
Orange County Fire Authority Firefighter Jeffrey Richard Grasinger faces four years in prison if convicted
The firefighter was an accountant for the Ocean Springs Firefighters Association with direct access to the funds
Police stated that Arnold S. Britt can be seen on a body-worn camera video putting the wallet into his jacket
Bennet Fire and Rescue Fire Chief Tim Norris faced allegations of “leadership issues,” inappropriate behavior, and “unwillingness to change” in a six-page letter from members
First Deputy Commissioner Mary Sheridan had allegedly accused a fire department official of having an alleged sexual relationship with another employee
Alameda County Firefighter Charles Johnathen Harris’ brother said he was never seen after the two of them were involved in a boating accident
Jimmie Wilson said he confronted the firefighters about them not seeing him as they were backing up the fire engine