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South Adams County Fire firefighters and Commerce City police officers were at the scene of the separate crash when they were struck
Ware County Firefighter Luke Zimmerman faces several charges including first-degree vehicular homicide
Dearborn Fire Chief Joseph Murray had been placed on leave following his arrest in August
The Rockford firefighter had a THC concentration above the legal limit
The suspect, who admitted to having several drinks, was driving in the emergency lane when he hit a Memphis Fire Department ambulance
Seven fire trucks, six ambulances and a medical helicopter responded to the incident, and providers transported victims to four area medical centers
Capt. Mike Smith, president of IAFF Local 21, left a golf course after attending a celebration of life and was pulled over on his way home
Lifeguards also extricated two women from the crashed vehicle; one woman was transported to a hospital as firefighters worked to remove the car
Patrick Sullivan pleaded guilty in March to charges related to a motorcycle crash that killed Ryan Ferrara
The driver hit multiple people and vehicles on the Fourth of July
Patrick Sullivan and Ryan Ferrara were riding a motorcycle without helmets when the fatal crash happened
Renovo Fire Department Chief Jimmy Ray Risley has been arrested
When the suspect was asked to step out of the car to be evaluated by paramedics, he accelerated in reverse, slamming into the apparatus behind him
When Jeremy Vigil was pulled over, Arvada police were looking for a suspect related to a possible domestic violence incident
The Lexington firefighter was rendering aid to a slumped-over driver when the driver woke up, put the SUV in gear and took off