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Benjamin Cunha was arraigned on several felony charges including possessing and exploding an explosive device with the “intent to injure, intimidate and terrify a person”
Dearborn Fire Chief Joseph Murray was taken to a hospital for a blood draw after refusing a Breathalyzer test
10 steps to reduce the risk of financial misconduct, promoting a transparent and accountable organization
Should past troubles disqualify fire service leaders from holding the top spot, and are some troubles too serious to uphold the public’s trust?
How have some members strayed so far from our basic duty to care for our citizens?
When Collin West was asked why he set the fires, he told investigators that his grandmother disliked the properties and wanted them burned
The Vine Grove volunteer firefighter met the teen when she was part of the department’s junior firefighter program
The 89-year-old Kirtland man has been arrested and is expected to be charged with arson
Stephen Tyger Francis Roch reportedly told the firefighter he would need to “take him out” and said he had an AR-15
Chief Joshua Vance said Christopher Lee Linn showed up at scenes, then joined the Wharncliffe VFD on a provisional basis and was not to go on calls
Jabez Bobo was also charged with first-degree arson for the blaze at the mobile home park where Flint Firefighter Ricky Hill Jr. collapsed at the scene
A juror said that most of panel wanted to convict Anthony Spada, who remains on leave from the Walla Walla department
Police received a tip that an account associated with DFR Driver-Engineer Jesse McFall’s phone number had uploaded child pornography
Kyle Daniel DuPrey, 36, resigned from the East Moline Fire Department prior to his arrest this week after charges were unsealed
Jerome George Williamson, 49, was allegedly “highly intoxicated” and screamed at the Plymouth firefighter before lunging towards him