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Capt. Jerry Ray Brown retired from the Tulsa Fire Department after news of his arrest came to light; he later tried to fake his own kidnapping
Jackson Fire Lt. Yancey Williams was shot and killed late Sunday night
Officials say the man was dressed in uniform and identified himself as an on-duty firefighter as he broke into a garage
Coral Springs Fire Department Firefighter-Paramedic Christopher Randazzo was shot and killed in an apparent robbery in October
The armed man had robbed three nearby businesses before attempting another robbery at a bar
Isaac Garcia, 19, was set to become a volunteer firefighter with the Patterson Fire Department until he was arrested on suspicion of robbery and hit-and-run
The firefighter shot Jaylan Franklin once after Franklin forced him to drive to ATMs to pull out cash, and made him go back to his house to get his wife’s card
The teenager allegedly left with a paramedic’s purse and keys to a firefighter’s truck, which he came back to steal
After stealing the firefighter’s car, the suspects robbed a hotel and a gas station
The suspected thief was stuck in a hole he made with a hammer in a shop window
A 2-foot statue of firefighter Scott Hickinbotham has been at his gravesite for the last two years
Fire officials believe the woman stole the gear earlier in the week; she told the store’s owner that she was investigating a gas leak
Officials say the burglar made off with wallets, cash, credit cards and other personal items
Officials said John Rayburn, 26, and Cynthia Ashmore, 27, broke into two fire stations over the span of four days
Fire officials said they believe the burglaries took place between 1 a.m. and 7 a.m. while firefighters were asleep or out on a call