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Coroner’s staff arrived after the Springfield Township paramedics left and found the woman trying to breathe
In a twist on a spray-painting tradition, the 2021 academy graduates put their academy number on the inside of a Sacramento tank
Dominic Biscari has been on unpaid leave from the Kansas City Fire Department, which is seeking termination
The Waterville firefighter resigned after being put on leave, citing personal reasons
A Colorado Springs officer and a paramedic held Kevin Dizmang on the ground after they saw him walking in the middle of a street, speaking unintelligibly
A juror said that most of panel wanted to convict Anthony Spada, who remains on leave from the Walla Walla department
The department expects to complete its investigation into the role of two fire department members present at the fatal police-involved incident next week
The state health department suspended the Walla Walla man’s paramedic license, making him ineligible for paid leave, a city spokesperson said
Firefighter Robert Buckley has been charged with assault and battery on a person over 60 causing serious bodily injury
“If he never learned the consequences of spitting in a grown man’s face, then consider my actions a public education,” the firefighter told Telemundo
Watervliet Firefighter Edward Rolfe was suspended with pay for over three years before losing his job
During a welfare check, the firefighters found a woman who appeared to be deceased and reported this to a doctor, but neither had assessed the patient
Lt. Travis Darrisaw admitted to the encounter and apologized to the department
Terran Mark League Jr. is also facing a fourth misdemeanor, sexual battery
Ray Boyd Kerns, who later confessed, was among the more than 20 Woodstock firefighters who responded, in addition to mutual aid crews
San Antonio Captain Rogelio Loredo admitted to waving the pistol but told investigators he was joking
A second Wichita supervisor also was disciplined for sharing a photoshopped image from “A Christmas Story”
Joshua Gerstner was suspended from the Russellville-Lohman Fire Department earlier this year and was sentenced to probation and counseling
After Firefighter Matthew Dizney’s suspected overdose, commanders transferred staffers among New Britain’s eight firehouses to break up cliques
The common denominator among most of the people investigated is the Wichita PD’s SWAT team, which includes paramedics with the fire department
Greg Zimmerman says fellow firefighters said he should not have worn Wentworth gear in Ukraine, but the chief says that’s not the problem
Alcohol was found in the driver’s urine after he reportedly took Engine 48 to pick up food from a restaurant outside city limits
Firefighters Union Local 2 President Jim Tracy said the real number of unvaccinated FFs is even lower as members make the best of a “rotten situation”
Lumberton Master Firefighter William Taylor Deese was arrested Saturday and charged with simple assault on a female
Levi Coleman’s lawsuit claims that the Ogden Fire Department and the city violated the Utah Medical Cannabis Act
The Ladder 113 members, who were on duty at the time, drove the ladder truck to the state senator’s office in Brooklyn
The suspensions are reportedly the most severe punishments ever handed down in the history of the FDNY
The South Bend Firefighter was suspended for five days without pay and ordered to complete anger management training