Md. firefighters suspended for fighting while battling blaze

Officials said two fire trucks arrived at a house fire and the firefighters began fighting about who was supposed to respond

By FireRescue1 Staff

PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, Md. — Two firefighters were suspended for fighting at the scene of a house blaze.

Fox Baltimore reported that one fire truck arrived at the fire and began battling the blaze, according to officials.

A second fire truck then showed up at the scene and, according to protocol, was supposed to assist the first rig.

Instead, officials said the second fire truck began fighting the fire as well, essentially competing with the first truck.

“33 I need that water. I’m going to put a hose clamp on your attack line,” a firefighter can be heard saying on the radio.

“Engine 33 to command. Tell 26 driver to take the hose clamp off my attack line,” the other firefighter can be heard saying.

Prince George’s County Fire Chief Benjamin Barksdale said the firefighters were suspended, and the incident is under investigation.


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