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W.Va. man on violent crime spree kills volunteer firefighter

Nettie Firefighter Brody Allan Hanna was killed in crash with a man who earlier attacked a woman with a hammer



By Bill Carey

NICHOLAS COUNTY, W.Va. — The West Virginia State Police are investigating a series of crimes that occurred on Oct. 14, that resulted in the death of a volunteer firefighter and a severe injury to a woman who was viciously attacked with a hammer.

Dustin Dale Young is facing multiple charges that include attempted murder, DUI causing death, burglary, two counts of grand larceny, assault during the commission of a felony, and fleeing with reckless disregard, WCHS reported.

First responders were alerted to a vehicle crash in the Craigsville area where investigators said Young stole a pickup truck on the scene by overpowering the driver.

Young then drove to a residence where he struck a woman in the head multiple times with a hammer, according to a criminal complaint. Investigators said Young planned to attack the woman for selling him bad dope.

The complaint stated Young left the residence and crashed into a vehicle, killing a man identified as Brody Allan Hanna, a firefighter with the Nettie Fire Department.

Nettie Fire Chief Steve Davis said Hanna was off-duty at the time of the initial crash and was in the area and decided to assist crews, WOWK reported.

“He heard the initial call go out, and he was going to offer his help,” Davis said. “He was one of those who always wanted to help. It did not matter who it was. He was a great guy.”

Police arrived at the scene of the crash where Young was accused of stealing an officer’s cruiser before leading law enforcement on a pursuit.

Young was driving erratically before crashing and being taken into custody by Nicholas County deputies and West Virginia State Police.