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The Command Post Podcast: Why firefighters should administer Narcan

Lt. Rom Duckworth and Chief Rob Wylie also dig into the safety issues behind firefighter layoffs


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This week, hosts Lt. Rom Duckworth and Chief Rob Wylie discuss a report about a Mayor’s son in California, who was hired despite multiple arrests and convictions, being called unsafe as a firefighter.

“This is beyond comprehension,” Chief Wylie said. “To think that this mayor would impose this disaster on a department that is tasked with the safety of the public is just beyond the pale.”

In their frontline tactical tips segment, they talk about why responders are administering Narcan in fire departments that have EMS operations and even others that do not.

“In my opinion, every first responder should have access to this drug,” Chief Wylie said. “The Department of Justice statistics say that 110 Americans die every day from opiate overdose. Someone is going to get there first. In our area, more often than not the police get there first. If that officer can administer Narcan and get that person breathing again, I say go for it.”

And in today’s leadership lessons, Duckworth and Wylie dig into the safety issues behind firefighter layoffs.

“When does the chief take a stand against the layoffs and say, “Hey mayor, hey public, this is going to make your town less safe,’” Lt. Duckworth said.

Chief Wylie gave his leadership take on the issue.

“If firefighters come to me and say ‘We need to make a stand,’ if the finances won’t allow for that project or for firefighter positions to be maintained, I have two positions: I have to explain to them why the money isn’t there and I should also have a plan in my back pocket to make it happen.”

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