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Substance Abuse

CalRx’s Naloxone Access Initiative will purchase 3.2M twin packs of the drug at half the market price
Learn more about First Line Technology’s cutting-edge decontamination solutions and how to maximize the MX908

The study investigated how burnout influenced the relationships between work stress, workplace support measures, COVID-specific assistance strategies and potentially harmful substance use
Mayor Michelle Wu said first responders, health professionals have encountered crowds of over 200 in the Mass and Cass area
The bill presumes disabling or fatal infectious diseases were suffered in the line of duty as a result of injury due to uncapped needles
First responders are not immune from the opioid crisis; here’s what to know
By the end of May, every firefighter in Chattanooga will have completed online training about xylazine, a sedative veterinary drug, based on information from the DEA
Paramedics and Street Overdose Response Team members restocked the bystander’s naloxone supply and offered treatment services to the survivors
Reflecting on the pain of 10 killed in a hate-driven shooting, 100,000 dead of drug overdoses and 1 million lost to COVID-19
Opioid settlement funding will continue for 11 to 18 years, and it is expected that more settlements will be forthcoming. Is your agency getting its share?
“It is another tool in our bag,” said Richmond Fire Chief Sam Kirby
The first responders experienced tingling hands and blurred vision following the incident
Jeffrey Leedy was found guilty of replacing doses of fentanyl with a saline solution while working for Roanoke County Fire and Rescue
Let’s do this! VEIS, opioid treatment, PPE basics and lightweight construction
Willimantic Fire Department members responded to a fire involving “a one-pot methamphetamine lab,” officials said Monday
The Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department reported they responded to 5,050 overdose calls last year, a stark increase from the 4,140 overdose calls in 2019
Sellersburg Volunteer Fire Department installed what is believed to be the first Naloxbox in Clark County, a publicly accessible box that contains naloxone kits
Glastonbury Fire Chief Michael Thurz said the firefighter’s off-duty comment “blemished the organization”
Recovery Centers of America officials say the program is the first of its kind in Indiana
The dashboard uses EMS data to map monthly calls and responses
A preliminary investigation found that the firefighter may have falsified supply logs for at least 18 months
Five reasons firefighters are at an increased risk of opioid abuse
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said naloxone can be safely administered by first responders with proper PPE and other safety measures
Creating a safe scene begins with understanding how your patient’s mental and physical health connect, and in avoiding these 5 don’ts
Evidence-based naloxone administration recommendations to minimize risk of COVID-19 exposure and alleviate provider fear
Charleston Fire Chief Jeff Jackson said the department will work to provide more support for its members after the death of Firefighter-Paramedic Jason Cuffee
A woman rushed the 12-week-old puppy to the fire station where medics administered naloxone using a pediatric nebulizer mask
West Virginia’s opioid crisis sparks launch of initiatives to support mental and physical health among fire and police personnel