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On-demand webinar: Maximizing decon efficiency: Solutions for fentanyl and other drugs

Learn more about First Line Technology’s cutting-edge decontamination solutions and how to maximize the MX908

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Join us for an insightful webinar where we delve into the effective use of First Line Technology’s cutting-edge decontamination solutions and the revolutionary MX908 for decontaminating jails, cars, and hotel rooms. Our expert panel provides in-depth guidance on leveraging these advanced technologies to ensure thorough and efficient decontamination processes in various settings. Whether you’re involved in law enforcement, facility management, or public health, this webinar equips you with practical knowledge to elevate your decontamination protocols and safeguard your environment.

By attending this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Demystify fentanyl risks: Comprehend the actual dangers of fentanyl as opposed to common myths, helping to build accurate awareness and appropriate response strategies.
  • Identify contaminants: Discover how to utilize the MX908 for swift identification of a wide range of chemical threats and contaminants, which is critical for targeted decontamination efforts.
  • Explore decontamination methods and tech: Identify new decontamination methods and technologies and learn how to integrate them into existing protocols to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in specific settings.
  • Ensure safety and compliance: Understand the best practices to comply with health and safety regulations while implementing decontamination processes.
  • Evaluate decontamination efficacy: Learn methods for assessing the effectiveness of decontamination efforts, ensuring a safe and contaminant-free environment post-cleanup.

Do not miss this chance to elevate your knowledge and skills in advanced decontamination techniques, tailored for some of the most demanding settings.


“Very helpful learning best practices for removal of fentanyl safely.”

“It was all encompassing from ID/detect through decon.”

“Good, solid information. Well presented.”

“Knowledgeable speakers!”


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Kevin Flood, a retired Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent with over 26 years of experience, served in various capacities within the DEA, including assignments in Phoenix, Arizona, Detroit, Michigan, and The Hague, Netherlands. Kevin specialized in investigating and dismantling clandestine drug laboratories. As a Supervisory Special Agent, he managed DEA Tactical Diversion Squads and served as a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Group Supervisor. He has instructed thousands on the dangers of clandestine labs and synthetic opioids for organizations such as the DEA, FBI, HIDTA, and various military units. After leaving DEA, Kevin has worked educating on Fentanyl safety, club drugs, and drug detection devices. He currently works as a Technical Specialist for First Line Technology providing customer reach back support and training.

Corey Collings.jpg

Corey Collings is a seasoned leader with 20 years of diverse experience spanning military, law enforcement, and hazardous materials management. Corey currently serves as the Director of Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation at First Line Technology, where he spearheads innovative projects and oversees global training initiatives. His expertise includes hazardous material response, mass casualty evacuation, and synthetic opioids. Corey’s extensive military and police background in explosive hazards, CBRN response, and technical rescue further enriches his skill set. Corey created the highly successful Hybrid Decon Train-the-Trainer program and worked with industry experts to create a first-of-its-kind comprehensive training program on Fentanyl Remediation and Response specifically targeted for remediation professionals. Corey has a Bachelor’s Degree in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness and post-graduate work in Counter-Terrorism.

Doug Huffmaster (1) (1).png

Doug Huffmaster is a retired Las Vegas Metro Police Department (20 years) officer and served as a founding Sergeant in the All-Hazards Regional Multi-Agency Operations & Response (ARMOR) Team. Doug is a certified Bomb Technician, FBI Hazardous Devices School and is a former CBRN NCO, U.S. Army 1/75th Ranger Batt., 82nd Airborne Div. He currently is a Radiological Response Instructor, for Counter Terrorism Operations Support (CTOS) and a Certified Trainer for chemical device analysis companies including 908 Devices and Thermo Fisher Scientific.