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Webster Groves and its union firefighters have settled a long-running dispute over staffing requirements and OT costs
Survey respondents share their experiences with staffing stressors
Auditors said they found that fire department overtime exceeded what was covered in the 2023 budget by almost $253,000 as of Sept. 27
Leaders, we must stay focused the myriad issues impacting our membership, even those that can feel distant from day-to-day operations
Mayor Eric Adams has announced a 5% budget reduction and directed uniformed agencies to reduce overtime costs
The union filed an unfair labor practices charge, claiming that West Chester “unilaterally changed the terms and conditions of employment”
“We’re still having issues with the administration on calculations,” said Gary Firefighters Union 359 President Larry Tillman II
Lynn’s city council approved of the funds to help with staffing as some firefighters are being treated for injuries or work-related illnesses
The Portland City Council’s provision is part of a labor deal to increase pay for firefighters forced to work mandatory overtime due to short staffing
Decatur Fire & Rescue Lt. Michael Leonard is pushing back after being accused of mishandling a conflict with a crewmember over mandatory OT
Spokane FD overtime allowances were doubled in the budget, although the city hopes the new positions will reduce the need for unbudgeted OT
Hampton Fire and Rescue may face citations if the inquiry determines it violated occupational safety and health regulations
“We have firefighters that are working 96-hour shifts,” said Isaac McLennan of the Portland Firefighter’s Association
“For the third time, we told you we are out of service,” an EMT is heard saying on a recording of Baltimore City Fire Department radio traffic