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Under the revised policy, police and firefighters can retire at age 55 or with 25 years of service, whichever comes first
Firefighters and police officers nearing the 20-year mark will be able to retire early with a reduced pension
Firefighters and police officers say pension cuts in 2012 are a reason why recruitment is low
A 2021 law allowed nearly 8,000 officers and firefighters about to reach 20 years of service a two-year window to retire early with half their final compensation
The retirement system, or PFRS, is a shareholder in WWE with some 350 shares, initially worth $100,000
The FBI searched a Denton County station in Argyle on Thursday looking for evidence against recently retired Fire Chief Troy Mac Hohenberger
Local 73 is pushing for a system that is expected to be more responsive to firefighter concerns
Robert Olsen claims he suffered asthma resulting from Lou Gehrig’s Disease as a result of breathing in toxic air during World Trade Center recovery efforts
Wayne Triche embezzled money from the pension fund to cover his gambling, home improvement and living expenses
A measure would move oversight of a pension plan for newer firefighters to the panel that continues to run a separate system for veteran firefighters and retirees
Union representatives testified in March in favor of cities paying 26.5% of the salaries of officers and firefighters – up from 19.5% for police and 24% for fire
Dozens of firefighters gathered on the steps of the state capitol to show their support
Wayne Triche is accused of spending the money on gambling, home repairs and credit card payments
The Social Security Fairness Act would eliminate provisions that reduce Social Security benefits for first responders
Firefighters Union Local 2 President Jim Tracy said the real number of unvaccinated FFs is even lower as members make the best of a “rotten situation”