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Photo of the Week: Calif. septic tank rescue

San Bernardino County firefighters, along with USAR and technical rescue teams, saved a woman trapped in a septic tank


Firefighters work to rescue a woman trapped inside a septic tank approximately 25 feet below ground.

San Bernardino County Fire Department/Facebook

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By FireRescue1 Staff

FONTANA, Calif. — San Bernardino County firefighters responded to a rescue in Fontana on Feb. 8, for a female who had fallen into a sinkhole.

Firefighters found an adult female approximately 25 feet down in the bottom of an old septic tank.

Due to the limited access and un-reinforced soil of the hole with potential for an additional collapse, the call was upgraded to a confined space rescue bringing the county’s USAR team and Rancho Cucamonga Fire’s Technical Rescue team to the incident.

A rescuer was lowered into the hole and assisted the victim in donning a harness. Both the victim and rescuer were then successfully hoisted out of the tank.