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Chief Jason Caughey: ‘Everything we do is about people’

The Laramie County fire chief tackles recruitment and retention misses, organizational tempo and fostering a culture of critical thinking

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On this episode of the Better Every Shift podcast, Zam talks to Fire Chief Jason Caughey from the Laramie County (Wyoming) Fire Authority about fire service relationships, communication and making connections with the community, plus all this:

  • Why years 2-8 are tough on firefighters;
  • The problem with our marketing efforts;
  • The fire service similarities to credit unions; and
  • Questions about whether the fire service is “softening.”

What else …

  • Hot seat sneak peek: His dream (non-fire service) career
  • Don’t miss: Vision Day at the FD
  • Episode power-quote: “This is absolutely the best career, but it’s not the best career because of the fires that I see. It’s the best career because of these other tangible items that we don’t do a great job of explaining – the camaraderie, the community, the service.”

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