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SC fire captain adopts puppy he rescued from under a rock

Once he managed to get the dog out from under the rock, he was greeted with puppy kisses and gratitude

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North Charleston Fire Department Captain Paul Bryant and Rocky.


By FireRescue1 Staff

CHARLESTON, SC — Fire Captain Paul Byrant was responding to a call for a trapped puppy, he didn’t expect to find a new best friend.

After making room to gently get the mixed breed puppy out from under the rocks and concrete, Bryant was greeted with puppy kisses and gratitude.

Rocky, as he is now known, was taken to a local emergency veterinarian. Once he learned the puppy wasn’t chipped and most likely didn’t belong to anyone, Bryant told animal shelter officials he would like to adopt the dog.

“He’s my dog. It’s meant to be,” Bryant said in a video released on the North Charleston Fire Department’s Facebook page.

A week later, they told Bryant he was the first on the list for adoption.

Bryant and Rocky’s story has gone national, and he says, the attention and gratitude for Rocky’s rescue really should be on the entire team that worked to save the puppy.

“It amazes me that so many people are interested in what one firefigher done,” Bryan said. “It is a mutiple amount of people. It’s everyone who respodned on the engine. It’s the dispatcher that took the call. It’s the police officers that responded with us and assisted us in rescuing Rocky. We have an amazing bunch of people.”[0]=68.ARBzAr645abs_Xs000FKp0Lip42bBcX9I110uwF5fh8jLZszoOPkY7paCOmWHlpz8r1XJL80W-uMjHBRhjXAmY4BMUkR58a0TqTPSNIHQIXTP06JQz3qbgXs6QIeI5MfzY714Og9MjZsv3xp0NtzZAFghXgIy_7yjbhyh9MU7C34sT2pSCqYU_e0iUUKC_pqH0lv-2Q38DG4CJUdXrbWIE43UPbkwFjh49pWafFXEtONH9BwBOainiLg-Dqf44FFyz0o9eIwWgvVw3R_S1PEUMmtAOLxrHpvn7PcsLNGjqqbbbIDki36Kw-Q46_70NJ9C-Zy947y-qtCGIOytUH0SMQAmg&__tn__=-R