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Democrat-backed bill lowers maximum pension retirement age from 60 to 55
High court rejected claims from three dozen firefighters and police officers that the merger of 649 systems violates the state’s constitution
The Senate bill would allow small city, county departments to hire retired firefighters for chief officer positions
California public pension money has become the economic lifeblood in the Boise suburb of Eagle
Consolidation tied to property tax relief is being reviewed for possible constitutional violation
Regardless of your level of wealth, the failure to establish an estate plan can be detrimental to your family
The Tumwater Fire Department joins the Thurston County Peer Support Consortium, helping FFs with stress and traumatic incidents
Under the revised policy, police and firefighters can retire at age 55 or with 25 years of service, whichever comes first
North Cascades Smokejumper Bill Moody parachuted into Siberia once in a U.S.-Soviet exchange program
Firefighters and police officers nearing the 20-year mark will be able to retire early with a reduced pension
Joe Kerr served with the Orange County Fire Authority and Orange County Fire Department for over 30 years
Michael Glenn Chambers was missing since 2017; the investigation into his disappearance will continue
Former Manhattan Beach Chief Robert Espinosa has returned to work at the El Segundo Fire Department
As “special firefighters,” Quincy retirees would be exempt from laws pertaining to pensions and civil service appointment procedures