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‘It’s the same circus with different clowns’: Gordon Graham talks universal FD problems

The risk management expert says too many firefighters are unaware of the issues facing the entire industry

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The man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Gordon Graham joins the show this week talking all things risk management, the study of bad outcomes, plus the power of policy and systems in reducing risk for your members – and of course he does it all with the perfect anecdotes that put it all in perspective. We dig into all of this:

  • The #1 question he asks when evaluating a fire department
  • The quality that separates good supervisors from great supervisors
  • “Core critical tasks” all firefighters should train on regularly
  • His “10 Fs” for a long, quality life

And don’t miss Gordon’s story about the early impetus to create Lexipol, plus the first time he met “the chief with the big bushy mustache” – another man, myth, legend who later became Gordon’s partner on

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