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‘A flowchart mindset’: UL FSRI researchers talk dynamic decisions on the fireground

Keith Stakes and Craig Weinschenk detail new FSRI research focused on search and rescue tactics in single-story single-family residential structures

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The highly complex, dynamic nature of the fireground makes adaptive thinking particularly vital for firefighters and incident commanders. Our guests on this podcast – Keith Stakes and Craig Weinschenk, UL Fire Safety Research Institute research engineers – break down how to incorporate such critical thinking into training, plus the importance of using a “flowchart mindset” to manage nuance on the fireground. They also detail the newly released FSRI research, “Search and Rescue Tactics in Single-Family Single-Story Residential Structures.”

We dig into all of this:

  • The biggest takeaways – and surprises – from the data
  • Remove the victim or seal the space – what should come first?
  • The conditions for breaking a policy

Episode power quote: “People should be taking research and utilizing that to be more aggressive while at the same time being safer and more efficient.”
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